Tesla 3 Diamond Etched Black Aluminum License Plate

Tesla 3

The diamond etched Tesla logos are engraved into the aluminum, leaving a depth and brilliance that can’t be obtained with laser printing. Are you looking for that perfect license plate for your Tesla 3? Then the one shown above is the perfect one for you!

The diamond etched black aluminum license plate shown above is over on Amazon for only $23.95 and FREE Shipping!

Here are a few other Telsa license plates to consider:

  • Diamond Etched Tesla 2 Logo Car Tag on Black Aluminum License Plate – $23.95
  • Stainless Steel for Tesla License Plate Frame – $18.99
  • Tesla Logo Laser Engraved License Plate – $19.95
  • Tesla Black License Plate Frame with Caps – $12.50

Manufacturer Part Number: 1580

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