Year: 2020

How to fix Tesla Touchscreen Error Messages

Are you having issues with errors messages popping up on the screen of your Tesla? If so then you’ll want to check out the video above… The information in the video may help you fix the error messages you’re receiving. Some of the issues/errors that are being pinpointed in the […]

Tesla Model X / Model S – Navigation Screen Protector

Are you looking for Navigation Screen Protectors for a Tesla Model X / Model S like the ones shown above? Installing the screen cover will not affect the color, icon size and touch screen capabilities of your GPS display. It will only keep it safe from dust, scratches, oil, and […]

Tesla Model S Sedan – Custom-fit Windshield Sun Shade

Do you want to protect the interior of your Tesla Model S with a Custom-fit Windshield Sun Shade like the one shown above? This high quality and durable sun shade is designed to maintain your car interior temperature, so your vehicle’s seats stay cool, and without getting your hands burned […]

Tesla Accessories – LED Cup Holder Mat Pad Coaster

Looking to light up the interior of your Tesla? How about adding some LED Cup Holder Mat Pad Coasters like the ones shown in the image above. They’re designed to create a beautiful atmosphere light at night on the interior of your Tesla. Head over to Amazon and grab a […]

Tesla Model S – String key chain rope lanyard

Do you need a replacement key chain lanyard for your Model S Tesla? The lanyard shown above is the perfect item for yourself or anyone looking for a Tesla gift. Designed specifically for a Tesla Model S key fob which creates an easy way to attach your keys to your […]

Model S Center Console Organizer / Cup Holder / Storage Box

Looking to add some storage to your Model S Tesla? How about the Model S center console organizer, container cup holder, storage box shown above! This for a Tesla Model S 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 center console organizer storage box. It’s designed to store your cell phone, cups, cans, […]