Author: TeslaTom

Floor Mats fit for Tesla Model X – 6 Seater

So you’re looking for floor mats that fit a Tesla Model X… well look no further! The floor mats above are great for the Tesla Model X. Perfect Fit: Designed specifically for the 2021-2023 Tesla Model X 6-seat configuration, these floor mats offer a precise fit without the need for […]

How to install a periscope on your Tesla Model X for a unique view of traffic ahead?

There is no official way to install a periscope on your Tesla Model X. However, there are a few third-party companies that sell periscope kits that you can install on your car. One such company is called Periscope View. Their kit includes a periscope, a mount, and all the necessary […]

How to train your Tesla Model X to respond to voice commands in Shakespearean English?

Here are the steps on how to train your Tesla Model X to respond to voice commands in Shakespearean English: Gather a list of Shakespearean phrases and commands. You can find a list of these online or in a book of Shakespeare’s plays. Record yourself saying each phrase or command […]

How to initiate a “stealth mode” that makes your Tesla Model S sound like a golf cart?

There is no official “stealth mode” in Tesla Model S that makes it sound like a golf cart. However, there is a third-party mod called “Stealth Mode Golf Cart” that you can install on your car. This mod will change the sound of your Tesla’s exhaust to make it sound […]

How to activate the Secret Disco Party Mode in a Tesla Model 3?

Tesla is known for including fun Easter eggs and hidden features in their vehicles’ software updates. It’s possible that such a feature might have been introduced after my last update. To check for any new features or Easter eggs in your Tesla Model 3, you can follow these steps: Access […]

Tesla Model S – All Weather Heavy Duty Floor Mats

Do you need replacement floor mats or new floor mats for your Tesla Model S? The shown computerized Cut system with 3D scan patterns can be well tailored to suit customer requirements. The floor mats are very easy clean and low maintenance, High-capacity surface captures moisture, spill, debris, etc. The […]

How to fix Tesla Touchscreen Error Messages

Are you having issues with errors messages popping up on the screen of your Tesla? If so then you’ll want to check out the video above… The information in the video may help you fix the error messages you’re receiving. Some of the issues/errors that are being pinpointed in the […]