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How to fix Tesla Touchscreen Error Messages

Are you having issues with errors messages popping up on the screen of your Tesla? If so then you’ll want to check out the video above… The information in the video may help you fix the error messages you’re receiving. Some of the issues/errors that are being pinpointed in the […]

How to Reset / Reboot the Tesla Touchscreen

Are you having issues with your Tesla touchscreen? Have you tried to reset it or simply reboot it? If you haven’t done so yet then you may want to check out the video above that provides great instructions on how to do so.

Tesla Support – Find an Electrician

Almost all Tesla drivers choose to charge their Tesla vehicles overnight at their house. To charge your vehicle at home, Tesla recommends that you install a Wall Connector near your parking space or in your personal garage. Alternatively, a 240 volt outlet can be used for home charging with the […]

Tesla Range Mode Settings Explaination

The explainer video above gives you 16+ minutes of details about the Tesla Range Mode. Some people say turn it off whereas others say keep it on. It’s all up to you… Here are a few other clips that give insight on the Tesla Range Mode: Tesla Range Mode at […]

Tesla Touchscreen Soft and Hard Reboot

If you’re looking reboot your touchscreen then you might want to check out this quick video. It’s a simple video tutorial on how to perform a soft and hard reboot to your Tesla touchscreen. You might want to consider checking out some tempered glass Touch Screen Protectors to avoid scratches, […]

Tesla Energy Graphs and Gauges Explained

The above video is very informative and provides a great explanation about the energy graphs and gauges on the Tesla dashboard. If you’re looking to protect your screens they have Tempered Glass Touch Screen Protectors over on Amazon for only $17.69 plus shipping. The high definition screen protectors give you […]

Tesla Model S – Access the Hidden Menus

So the Tesla Model S seems to have hidden menus or some would call them “easter egg” menus. When searching for information about these hidden menus I’ve noticed some required a password. The common password that I’ve found while searching is simply: performance. Do you know of any other hidden […]