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How to activate the Secret Disco Party Mode in a Tesla Model 3?

Tesla is known for including fun Easter eggs and hidden features in their vehicles’ software updates. It’s possible that such a feature might have been introduced after my last update. To check for any new features or Easter eggs in your Tesla Model 3, you can follow these steps: Access […]

Tesla Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger Issue

This video above shows a clear issue with the Nomad Wireless Phone Charger. There are universal Tesla Wireless Phone Charger Pads available on Amazon for only $67.99 with shipping. Has this phone charger issue been a problem with anyone else and their Tesla Model 3? If this has happened to […]

Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps

Want to add some carbon fiber to the exterior of your Tesla Model 3? The carbon fiber mirror caps shown above are pretty affordable over on Amazon. You can get the shown rear mirror cap for around $49.99 plus shipping and handling. The shown carbon fiber mirror caps are made […]

Tesla 3 Heavy Duty Custom Fit Car Floor Mats

The Tesla floor mats shown above are computerized cut (Red and Black) with 3D scan patterns tailored to suit 2017-2018 Tesla Model 3. The edge-to-edge mat design are for maximum coverage and protection. The shown floor mats are very easy to clean and low maintenance, high-capacity surface captures moisture, spill, […]

Tesla 3 Diamond Etched Black Aluminum License Plate

The diamond etched Tesla logos are engraved into the aluminum, leaving a depth and brilliance that can’t be obtained with laser printing. Are you looking for that perfect license plate for your Tesla 3? Then the one shown above is the perfect one for you! The diamond etched black aluminum […]