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Tesla Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger Issue

This video above shows a clear issue with the Nomad Wireless Phone Charger. There are universal Tesla Wireless Phone Charger Pads available on Amazon for only $67.99 with shipping. Has this phone charger issue been a problem with anyone else and their Tesla Model 3? If this has happened to […]

Tesla Charger (240V – 25 feet) with Adjustable Current

Want a fast charging 32A level 2 charger that is perfect for plug-in (NEMA14-50) electric vehicles like your Tesla? This high-power charging station shown above is perfect for your Tesla. With an adjustable current of (16A, 24A, 32A) by using a RF card which suitable for different current need. Fully […]

Tesla Wall Mount Connector Cable Organizer Bracket

The easy to install, cable organizer bracket holds the Tesla charging cable only, not include the cable. That screws into the wall so you can leave the cable plugged into the wall outlet and keep the cable off the ground. Tesla Charging Cable Holder Organizer is essential for our Tesla […]