Tesla Charger (240V – 25 feet) with Adjustable Current

EV Charger

Want a fast charging 32A level 2 charger that is perfect for plug-in (NEMA14-50) electric vehicles like your Tesla? This high-power charging station shown above is perfect for your Tesla. With an adjustable current of (16A, 24A, 32A) by using a RF card which suitable for different current need. Fully charge 23kWh vehicle in approx. 7 hours at 16A, 4 hours at 32A.

With easy installation and 25ft it’s enough for your charging, LCD display provides you the real time charging status. What you need just to hang up this Tesla charger and plug in, double intelligent control, much safer. You can grab yours over on Amazon for around $399.00 plus shipping.

Brand: Maxgreen
Manufacturer Part Number: MG-EV-32P-01

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