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Floor Mats fit for Tesla Model X – 6 Seater

So you’re looking for floor mats that fit a Tesla Model X… well look no further! The floor mats above are great for the Tesla Model X. Perfect Fit: Designed specifically for the 2021-2023 Tesla Model X 6-seat configuration, these floor mats offer a precise fit without the need for […]

How to install a periscope on your Tesla Model X for a unique view of traffic ahead?

There is no official way to install a periscope on your Tesla Model X. However, there are a few third-party companies that sell periscope kits that you can install on your car. One such company is called Periscope View. Their kit includes a periscope, a mount, and all the necessary […]

How to train your Tesla Model X to respond to voice commands in Shakespearean English?

Here are the steps on how to train your Tesla Model X to respond to voice commands in Shakespearean English: Gather a list of Shakespearean phrases and commands. You can find a list of these online or in a book of Shakespeare’s plays. Record yourself saying each phrase or command […]

Tesla Model X / Model S – Navigation Screen Protector

Are you looking for Navigation Screen Protectors for a Tesla Model X / Model S like the ones shown above? Installing the screen cover will not affect the color, icon size and touch screen capabilities of your GPS display. It will only keep it safe from dust, scratches, oil, and […]

Tesla Range Mode Settings Explaination

The explainer video above gives you 16+ minutes of details about the Tesla Range Mode. Some people say turn it off whereas others say keep it on. It’s all up to you… Here are a few other clips that give insight on the Tesla Range Mode: Tesla Range Mode at […]

How to Reboot Tesla System if the Screen/Display goes Black

Has the screen on your Tesla stopped working, gone blank or black? The video above provides a great tutorial on how you can get your screen unfroze. I’ve also found that you can simply hold the scroll wheels for 20-30 seconds and it should wake right up. For your Tesla […]

Tesla Model X Chrome Rear View Mirror Covers

Looking to add some chrome to your 2016-2017 Tesla X? How about some adding some chrome rear view mirror covers like the ones shown in the image above. The chrome mirror covers are made of high quality, durable ABS material which resists rust and extreme conditions. They come with easy […]