Month: April 2019

Tesla 3 Heavy Duty Custom Fit Car Floor Mats

The Tesla floor mats shown above are computerized cut (Red and Black) with 3D scan patterns tailored to suit 2017-2018 Tesla Model 3. The edge-to-edge mat design are for maximum coverage and protection. The shown floor mats are very easy to clean and low maintenance, high-capacity surface captures moisture, spill, […]

Tesla 3 Diamond Etched Black Aluminum License Plate

The diamond etched Tesla logos are engraved into the aluminum, leaving a depth and brilliance that can’t be obtained with laser printing. Are you looking for that perfect license plate for your Tesla 3? Then the one shown above is the perfect one for you! The diamond etched black aluminum […]

Tesla Support – Find an Electrician

Almost all Tesla drivers choose to charge their Tesla vehicles overnight at their house. To charge your vehicle at home, Tesla recommends that you install a Wall Connector near your parking space or in your personal garage. Alternatively, a 240 volt outlet can be used for home charging with the […]

Tesla Range Mode Settings Explaination

The explainer video above gives you 16+ minutes of details about the Tesla Range Mode. Some people say turn it off whereas others say keep it on. It’s all up to you… Here are a few other clips that give insight on the Tesla Range Mode: Tesla Range Mode at […]